Gato Molina

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Video is an art medium relatively new and now widely used. It can aid artists expressing complex ideas to “narrate” them optically. In North America and Europe it has been used for approximately 40 years and has slowly caught on in Latin America in the past 25 years.

In Colombia, where classical media (paint and sculpture) reigns and where Abstract Expressionism has deep roots, a new wave of artists has quickly adapted to new media as used everywhere else. These artists have been trained abroad or by foreign art teachers instructing in Colombia’s art schools. As the internet became a tool for learning, access to different artists, techniques and styles allowed them to familiarize with video as a medium, among many others. Now experimentation with video is part of Colombian artistic learning.

David Molina, is a contemporary artist who is primarily a photographer and illustrator. Recently, he decided to play with the concept of “low brow” video art in a project dubbed Gato Molina. He is inspired by pop culture icons, like Marilyn Monroe and Amy Winehouse; kitschy porcelains; cats, especially his; and the matriarch of the family, Marina. His Warholesque work is full of nostalgia. Molina is an example of the intellectual hunger, creativity, and practicality we are seeing in Colombian art.

As things change in Colombia and new approaches to art teaching come along, we will continue to see more neoteric artists create a different school of art in the country.

I can hardly wait for this new golden age.

David Molina, Colombian contemporary artist.

David Molina, Colombian contemporary artist.

A. Iaroc