Recommended Reading

At the moment I am doing a lot of historical reading, to put some current happenings into perspective, but there are some art historical books that provide a respite and are fun to read, specially those that are fiction. I want to share my favorites with you:

Geraldine Brook's People of the Book - Fiction based on what we know or suspect of the Sarajevo Haggadah. More info here.

Javier Sierra's The Master of the Prado - A fiction novel based on the history and some of the juiciest secrets of El Museo del Prado. More info here.

Dr. Kellie Jones' EyeMinded: Living and Writing Contemporary Art - An intimate look into art historian Kellie Jones and her family's history and how it informed her curatorial perpective. More info here.

Flavio Febbraro + Burkhard Schwetje's How To Read World History In Art - Exactly as the title instructs. More info here. Remember, just because art is at the beginning of art history does not take away from our understanding of world history. Butterfly effects and echoes... there is always a starting point not seen or understood when you are in the middle of a historical shift. 50 to 100 years later it clears up, however. Our egocentric human nature usually drives us to make grave mistakes again, collective memories are a fickle and manipulable thing.

A. Iaroc