Woo Girls

According to popular sources, the definition of a "Woo Girl" or "Woo Woo Girl" is: a young woman who screams "Wooooo!" in public, usually accompanied by a group of women her age. 

What this says to me is that happy and excited women are annoying to others and the fact that they are in a group makes it worse. From a patriarchal point of view, apart from annoying, this is an inconvenience - loud young woman in a group? no. Loud young woman? no. From a matriarchal point of view I am more confused. Is it that we have certain perspectives about our fellow women so ingrained that we can't tolerate their expression of happiness? have we bought into the adage that women's voices are annoying? Next question for both perspectives: is it just the human jealousy of seeing someone else happy when we aren't, the culprit?

I am not buying the "annoying part". It has to be more than that. I am asking for collective introspection from each and everyone who condemns these young women. I moved to the PNW from a republican, conservative state and I never heard the phrase "woo girl" used to describe young women, usually sorority girls, like I've heard it in northern, liberal spaces. There is such disdain for these "woo girls" here and I do not like that a lot of people, who consider themselves liberal and feminist, seem to be OK with that. This selective tolerance is accepted as "passable misogyny" and it is, astoundingly, an accusation celebrated by liberal members of different communities that have for a long time been discriminated against. If we read current news, articles, blogs and other writings, we know that liberal misogyny exists but it's harder to call out because of the level of denial within the moralist standards of the community. Artists, comedians, regular folks... they make fun of the woo girls, they create inspired by the disdain they feel against these women. I have heard my own friends point out that a girl is a "woo girl" when devaluing something she said or did, as if that was a valid reason. I have seen women of all ages scream "woooo!" who later disparage the women who are, by definition, doing the same thing. When did that become OK? what reasons are you building in your mind to justify the accusation towards the woo girls?

Weird post from me, huh? why defend these women? they are women, I was young, I am surrounded by them, and regardless of who they are I have a civic duty to defend them from ridicule. Ridicule never builds bridges of understanding. To see some people in the surrounding artistic community increasingly pile on these women, for the last couple of years or so, when the sociopolitical make up of this community is changing, is a disappointment.

Next time you see a happy, young woman screaming "wooo!" surrounded by her friends or alone, and it annoys you, ask yourself why.

A. Iaroc