Do you hear that? is the winds of change.

Around this time each year I change my webpage a little bit. *I am just giving you guys a heads up for when you visit next and find that some things are not where they used to be.

This has been a season of changes. Sometime during August I decided to use a COAL (curiosity, openness, acceptance and love) approach to life. It led me to try a few different things and discover myself a little more. For instance, there was a phase when I was all into mountain climbing geology, documentaries, and then Everest and Meru came out (yassss!). Now I am into Crew (rowing and sculling). Next season, who knows?

The best part of these digressions is that they broke the lull in my cultural hybridity research. I am hoping my newfound discipline will give you guys a post worthy of reading next month. 

A. Iaroc