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The history of art deals with more than the elements of art + design, the great five of the Renaissance, and professorial criticisms of masterpieces. It is a serious study of art periods and exemplary artworks in history and how the sociopolitical, cultural, economic, and religious factors of the time affected their development and execution.

When I was practicing art history, my focus was on contemporary art that deals with cultural hybridity and identity. Originally introduced to this concept through my research on contemporary Jewish artists, my interest peaked as I saw art pieces in galleries and museums that dealt with these matters. It is a very fluid and broad field that allows for queer, feminist, and postcolonial thoughts to mingle and expose society's fears, prejudices, hopes and realities.

This site's blog was originally intended for "random thoughts and better organized concepts about what I see, feel, and think is happening in our fragile, dramatic, and vulnerable art world", but it has evolved into a creative writing board. I now write in whatever language expresses my thoughts better and about anything I observe in life. 

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